"A free horse is a happy horse"

Ben Atkinson


WE WILL REORGANISE THIS EVENING IN THE NEW YEAR, ONCE RESTRICIONS ARE LIFTED                                                                  AND IT IS SAFE TO DO SO

We are thrilled to bring you an action packed educational evening with Ben Atkinson of Atkinson Action Horses, and his equine team!

What does it take to create an 'Action Horse' for TV, film and performance, and how to get started, from training a young horse to progressing an experienced horse.


'Learn their language and only be limited by your patience and capacity to communicate'


Ben will be bringing his team of top horses and with their help he will guide us through his in depth training techniques and methods, which he uses to create confident, happy, and bomb proof horses! Once your horse is bomb proof, you will be prepared to excel in Liberty, Classical dressage, the madness of the film and TV world, or purely enjoy your horse. From happy hacking to Hickstead, Ben's methods are sure to help you reach your goals.


The Evening

Act 1

This will be an in depth demonstration and explanation from Ben, with multiple horses, on how he starts young horses and progresses them over time on the road, to performing at Liberty, excelling in Classical dressage and becoming bomb proof!


Act 2

The real fun begins!! Ben will wow us with his team, putting his methods in to practice! Exciting and stunning!

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