You say I dream too big. I say you think too small.


A 45" short, light-weight lunge whip that has proven to be a great refinement tool and highly sought after when advancing from the traditional heavier fiberglass stick and string. Weighing only 5 ounces, this tool is light, well balanced and has a string that is slightly longer than the shaft: it is the perfect "go-to" tool


Expertly built by Westfield Whip, one of the oldest whip manufacturers in the United States, Mr. Snappy acquired its name from its ability to be "quick and light" in its movement.



Softness towards the horse, the action of the lash moves like the horse's tail

Short & easy to move around without disruption

Carries just the right amount of energy and movement that "YOU" intend, stops quickly

Balanced with the human arm structure in mind, allowing for free movement with lightness and ease

Allows for circular movement, inviting the horse to participate and enjoy, instead of straight aim tools that threaten, creating tension

A tool like the Mr. Snappy becomes a paint brush in your hand, helping to create your picture and allowing your words to be seen


And of course, if you desire, it will snap!

Colour Options

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