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 In this behind the scenes educational documentary, Ben will wow you with fearless stunt riding, classical dressage and the art of liberty. But what does it take to create a courageous action horse and how does he form those unbreakable bonds of trust? 


Larisa and Nicole at Organised Equestrian are passionate about sharing the very best horsemanship from around the globe, in clinics, demonstrations, films and events. For this film, Larisa spent a day with Ben Atkinson, stunt rider, trick trainer, Liberty artist and horseman, to learn what it takes to train the ultimate performance horse.


We are really excited to bring you Ben Atkinon's 'How to' series, making learning with Ben Atkinson easier than ever! we also offer live and video lessons with Ben, in addition to his clinic and an evening with Ben Atkinson.


In the series Ben has included some of the most asked about tricks in the industry, from the Bow to the Spanish walk, lay down, Piaffe and more, along with his decoding of Liberty, The Missing Piece, The Secret Aids and much more, we have launched the first in the series which is 'The Bow', the next will be coming very soon..

                                  AVAILABLE HERE FOR £27.95

The first in our series of learning 'How to' with Ben Atkinson, will be The Bow'. The Bow is a really fun trick, that is often used in filming and shows, it's super fun and really explores the realm of your relationship with your horse, you will learn in this video that, you do not need ropes or tie downs for your horse to offer such an athletic movement.  Ben will show you his unique process, showing the bow with four different horses at different stages of their education.

                                       AVAILABLE HERE FOR £25.00

This film is the fundamental part of your Liberty training explained... It's The Missing Piece! In this 'How To' Ben will share with you his best kept secret and show you how to create a fantastic Liberty horse.

Ben will show you this technique with horses in various stages of training, from very green to his most experienced horses.


In this beautiful 'How To' video, Ben Atkinson will guides us through the steps of teaching your horse to Spanish Walk. Ben shows us each step with different horses, from beginners to finishing with a beautiful Spanish walk at Liberty.


A series of FREE videos on how to bring your horse back into work safely. Debbie is also available for video or live lesson, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping horse physically and mentally.

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